Work and Experience

I am a UX Researcher at Google, working on Google My Business. I have five years of both academic and industry experience and have worked with some of the top tech companies in the world, including Uber, Microsoft, Yelp, Mozilla, and Ubisoft. 

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About Me


I am a native New Yorker (Canada side, not the city) who transplanted to Silicon Valley in 2012. I love tech, I love the weather, and most of all, I love the spirit of curiosity and entrepreneurialism that defines the Bay. 

What else?....

  • I was Employee #17 at UserTesting.
  • I love traveling (Singapore is my favorite place in the world), drawing and painting, photography, working on my car, and being terrible at ultimate frisbee.
  • I was almost on Jeopardy once.
  • I am an avid albeit mediocre gamer, and prefer games like Splinter Cell that don't involve running and aiming at the same time.
  • I'm a supporter of open access and net neutrality.

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